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Traditional & Modern Folk Music

Acoustic music on vocals and guitar from old America to the British Isles to children’s songs

Available to perform in the Oklahoma City Metro area

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folk & Celtic Music

Dustin Cooper performs traditional & modern folk songs from old America to the British Isles on vocals and guitar. To round out his sound, he adds in instrumental pieces played on the hammered dulcimer (pieces which often span further than Western Europe).

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Little FOlk Sing-Along

In the Little Folk Sing-Along, Dustin Cooper sings traditional (and not so traditional) kids songs while playing, guitar (or ukulele). His music often features a fandom spin to please both parents and their little folk alike.

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Digital album available now on CD Baby

A collection of folk tunes, from Ireland to Japan, played on the hammered dulcimer. Released 2019.


Dustin Cooper has been playing traditional folk music for over 24 years. He started off his solo career on the Celtic/folk harp, then moved on to play the hammered dulcimer. He has played hand percussion with Boru’s Ghost, along with a few other local acoustic bands. He spent a couple of years playing the Arabic drum for the Aalim Dance Academy. He also arranged music, and played guitar for his old band “Ravens Three.”

Other than playing traditional and modern folk music, Dustin Cooper also puts on a fandom family show called “Little Folk Sing-Along” in which he takes traditional (and not so traditional) kids songs, and puts a geek/nerd spin on it.

When not playing music, Dustin enjoys being a parent and husband, going on family adventures, dancing (especially folk dances), anything sci-fi & fantasy related, the great outdoors, board/card/roleplaying games, and taking naps (when there is time).

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